I am an independent Salesforce Administrator and consultant. I work with businesses in a variety of industries and non-profit organizations who use Salesforce to manage their members, customers and prospective customers, patients, and partners.

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I used to write a blog called Dear Sports Fan. It was an advice column for people who live with people who live for sports.

For a short time, I was a history teacher. Although I don’t teach anymore, I still like to think and write about history.

I also write about other things that are important to me.

I live in Arlington, Massachusetts with my partner Sonja Boet-Whitaker and our cat Tuukka.

My brother, Jesse Fischer, is a professional musician. My mom, Cookie Levine, has a beautiful photo website. My dad, Richard Allen Fischer, is writing a book about teaching math called Higher Math in the Lower Grades.

Although this website is public, one of its purposes is to store some of my favorite quotes, articles, etc. so that I always know where they are.